Questions on spirituality and self

Back in May, I was privy to an exercise called Wisdom Question. 1.5 days into a training on … (1. the integration of spirituality and social justice, and 2. being less triggered/intrusive as a facilitator). Here are the list of questions that each of us asked as the most pressing question as we were two-thirds of the way through:

  1. What are the obstacles that I create, that are grounded in fear?
  2. What is the role of anger in spiritual activism?
  3. How do we embody authenticity? How do we know when we are feeling authentic connection?
  4. How to be skillful in dropping down in a moment?
  5. How to stay with love?
  6. How do I want to show up?
  7. How to share and build this place?
  8. How we live, embody and take [this] out to the world?
  9. What worked in my facilitation yesterday?
  10. How are people experiencing me?
  11. What do you see that I bring? What do you wish that I would bring?
  12. How do I keep [my tendency to] beat myself up for speaking harshly at bay?
  13. When is my posture or energy is closed or slouching?
  14. What can i let go of?
  15. How am I showing up?

Emotion and experience were recurring topics. As was body language, and what our behavior was telling others.