Returning the bus pass, 1 of 2

In my early days of January, I lost my bus pass twice. Well, nearly lost. The first time was at the Red Apple grocery store on the way to a friends potluck. I had stopped in for a six-pack of local beers and a bag of GoodEnoughtoEat chips. I thought I’d made it in and out without a glitch till I walked two blocks to the bus stop to jump on the 48 northbound.

As I stood there fumbling through my pockets repeatedly, the bus came. And it went. So, I began to walk. 20 minutes into my 20 block walk, I called the store after thinking about how and where I could have dropped it. Sure enough, it had fallen in the checkout aisle where I had pulled my cash or money clip out.

Fortunately, I got to the dinner party. The quick bike ride down added to my appetite and made me adjust my bus pass.

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Writer. Humanitarian on the long slog to freedom. Baker with many a sweet teeth. Outdoorsman who is a kid at heart.

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