Freelance as racken

I am sharing a set of thoughts that drives my sense of the multi-faceted promises of freelancing. Informed inlarge part by the concept of “racken” in MPollan’s _Omnivores Dilemma_. Racken is ‘rabbit + chicken.’ it is accomplished (by Joel Salatin in OmniDilemma) by building an unorthodox rabbit coop. Rabbit urine and feces fall onto sawdust or hay that chickens then peck through seeking worms. It results in more resources and less waste by constructing a different way of interacting. Simple solution, yet profound shift.

From my vantage, I’m convinced there’s ways that with coordination (and less control/controlling of others) we can —
… work better (more effectively)
… see more realized
… with more people
… contributing their small piece(s)
… with less isolation
… thus, being more (free) and less (burdened, stressed, over-committed).

I use the term ‘coordination’ more often. As it requires unlearning the ways of work we have been traditionally instructed. We have to unlearn in order to ask for help; to admit the limits of our knowledge. These have been molded to suggest weakness, incompetence or lack of commitment.

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