in newness we trust

In recent months there has been a lot of new and unknown. Some of what can make that list are:

  1. a $130 speeding ticket, going 85 in a 65 zone.
  2. cooking fritata for Sunday brunch for an 8- and 11-year old rather than 20- and 30-somethings.
  3. owning a pair of x-country skis.
  4. trolling craigslist and freecycle for family members.
  5. owning that i am a disappointment to others, at moments in time.
  6. writing about my dreams in a journal. that is supposed to be by the side of my bed.
  7. not having a routine.

And thus far, these shift. They change. Some happen daily, some are one-time occurrences. But, its a moment for me to notice where i’ve been.

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Writer. Humanitarian on the long slog to freedom. Baker with many a sweet teeth. Outdoorsman who is a kid at heart.

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