notes from D. Tsoi, from seed fund.

the socratic question — what really matters in life?

what’s the story of your life?

i wanted to live a better story for my life.
i wanted to live a better story of my life.

in the US, we have an impoverished conversation…. we don’t talk about what matters to us deep down.

how you connect with someone. met at a professional event.

SEED Fund … conversation began as a conversation about
what are the issues that you care about? that question didn’t matter, since there were so many issues that mattered.

by giving $5K that others could apply towards $20K is very different than if i had given my lump of money on my own. for someone to connect their money to mine, is very different from giving it all on their own.

on youth philanthropy …
Inspired Legacies — youth giving circles.

books …
Your Money or Your Life — online programs.

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