logic mind is same ol same ol

Same minds from before will attempt similar efforts of the past.

I believe that there are diminishing returns to the level of studying and conventional education about trying to address and redress the challenges we face as human beings.

The more that someone researches, learns about others failed attempts, models, approaches. Hyper-analyzing existing structures oftentimes caused people to replicate the shapes and forms that have been inaccurate up to know. There’s a point where intellect reaches diminishing returns, and that is when it quashes creativity.

What education and learning has become resulted in a lot of approaches from the neck-up. In other words, that ignores intuition. We train to ignore our physical body, and ridicule our sensory abilities, including our Spidey sense.

As a result, people give the same ol, same ol kind of responses. We have been conditioned to play it safe, to seek security and reassurrances by parroting old and tired ideas as professionals — nonprofit, civil servants as well as case workers — who believe that a career happens in increments.

In professional settings, we have settled into a habit of analyzing, diagnosing symptoms, railing against the systems and the tragedy of our current world.

Logic has convinced itself that we control over so much more than we do. Yet, for all of logic’s analytical rigor, it disregards Acts of God, Black Swans and the reality that people are unpredictable as well as irrational beings. Unpredictability is what makes us human rather than a machine.

The habits of professionalism cause us to act from the neck up as it makes us feel safe and makes us feel like we are smart when we have to attend a meeting. We feel the need to be predictable since it is safe. That we walk into a meeting and ought to know what’s coming from others, as well as not surprise them.

Yet, our sensory bodies like spice and new flavored. Our physical bodies delight at the surprises and the unpredictable of the wild world and the natural outdoors. We are better off by not attempting to tame or control natural phenomena, whether those are hurricanes, avalanches or bears.

We are kinder and better to ourselves, and others, when we don’t delude ourselves into thinking that we control more than we do. Cuz we don’t.

Rather than disempowering (as it isn’t a source of power), it is freeing. We can free ourselves from notions of grandeur, of responsibilities and realities that are not our’s.

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Writer. Humanitarian on the long slog to freedom. Baker with many a sweet teeth. Outdoorsman who is a kid at heart.

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