Representation, corruption

What does it signify when elected officials in Europe more accurately reflect the interests of the American public than our own electeds — either the POTUS, one or both Senators and plenty of members of Congress?

If there have been few strings attached to the AIG bailout money, why should there be accountability or transparency around the litany of expenditures in the ARRA law? Even a summary of ARRA, from law firm Patton Boggs is 129 pages. I have yet to look at the webinar on their site.

If U.S. electeds are so out of touch, then who in the U.S. will pay attention to the London Declaration from the Trade Union Advisory Council to the OECD. [Note: in Europe, they wholly engage the unions, as the essential voice of workers, in the policymaking and regulatory bodies]

If the incumbents refuse to reflect our interests — as they have this week when they’ve pandered for the war profiteering military companies insisting that the Pentagon continue to buy armaments that the Pentagon has decided it cannot use in urban warfare and distributed wars — then how difficult will it be to remove them come mid-term elections in 2010?

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