Key Points in the fight in Arizona

or, as a friend described it “errorzona.”

these are some excerpts from a call i was on Friday:

1. Creating an infrastructure: Freedom Summer AZ – voter registration, know your rights, ESL training. Inviting college students from across the country.
2. So when the elections come, we’ll be mobilized.
3. Coordinated the travel of organizers to AZ. – from 10 organizations in diff part of the country.
4. “If we don’t win 1070, then we will not legalize 10M.”
5. NDLON filing law suit jointly with MALDEF, NILC, ACLU + APALC.
6. Parallel social movement needed to complement legal strategy.
7. July 28 – is anniversary that 14th amendment to the constitution was ratified.
8. “Challenge for us is – to stop the normalization of Arizona.”
9. ‘People will become accustomed to SB1070 (as they did Arpaio) if we don’t have social movement and political pressure to counteract.’
10. COORDINATION: Is already happening with the women’s movement + Af-am community. NAACP, Right to the City, Pushback Network, Jobs with Justice, Nat’l Domestic Workers Alliance, Inter-Alliance Dialogue.

I. Partners, Endorsers — contacts at Muslim faith/community organizations.
II. Young People, Students to come for Freedom Summer 2010.
for more info on actions, events, contributions, updates go to email is

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