Beliefs systems: past and present

Learning about Belief Systems that correlated to Socialization and Inheritance. Also, 4 elements that compose my Beliefs/Systems are action, behavior, emotions, and thoughts.

Some of the Socialiation and Inheritance are:

  • quiet
  • speak when spoken to
  • look into eyes
  • Black = comedic
  • Black /= angry
  • Black /= articulate
  • stifle my emotions
  • don’t bother others
  • respect authority
  • question authority
  • be a good student
  • be cognizant, and aware of violent beings
  • risk averse
  • be frugal
  • mistrust

More current belief systems (and accurate data) include:

  • don’t assume sexual orientation
  • be open to what you don’t know
  • judge less, assume less
  • name my limits

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