more Prashad at occupyboston

from the 2nd of five video clips on youtube:

the ideological victory should be declared. the change of political parties is not relevant… ideologically, this is a huge victory. who would think that the NYT … that basic liberal thing is a huge victory.

somethings need to be botteled. bottle the victories. something that says “We Won.”

there needs to be some kind of symbolic demand that needs to come. there has to be something that creates the possibility of further momentum. better to leave in victory than defeat. we will be back on April 15. and by Tax Day, this person should leave. we should never allow ourselves to leave out of defeat.

by this date we expect the following — 6 things, 3 things:
1) we expect that this building be turned into a homeless shelter. it is empty. it is a perfectly reasonable demand.
2) we expect that free speech universities should be handing out degrees to people without student debt.
so you can get a BA… forget them, we don’t need them. we will give each other BAs…. we can even create a graduation ceremony.we can stop saying — that was the idea of the Free Unviersity in Berlin. forget student debt, it is crippling.

there has to be a way to package momentum. there has to be momentum. momentum cannot be lost. momentum is more important than creating a political platform. the momentum is going to allow this to sweep through society.

[5:05] even the Financial Times, something has happened to that newspaper. they have said that income inequality in America is obscene. that is amazing.

man_in_audience: occupy has done something so well: tell a story that people can understand. that is what the Right does so well. people need a villian… the more that that spreads beyond here.

[5:56] this is an amazing statistic. amazing data. tax cut data —
6:18] the tax cuts this year to the 1% was greater than the combined income of the 99%. that is an amazing data point. so i want to walk around —

if you include payment for veterans’ health — it will be greater than 60%.

man_in_audience: …

[8:29] We have come a long way since then. People are aware — We are 100% stupid. We are all stupid. We live in a stupid world. History has not entered. Rationality has not entered the world.

We are all looking to buy interesting things. We are all going into debt.

There is no leaders! No leaders!

If you miss this talk, it will be on the Zinn School site. enna


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