Weaving Silos Together

I was struck by this in a curious, multi-layered article titled “Fables of Wealth” that I read this morning:

MOST important, neither entrepreneurs nor the rich have a monopoly on brains, sweat or risk. There are scientists — and artists and scholars — who are just as smart as any entrepreneur, only they are interested in different rewards.

The question that this begs to me is how to weave together entrepreneurs with artists and scholars, and weave these together with bank officers and funders? The addition of this third group who can provide the capital to actualize dreams, visions and business plans.

additional notes:

(1) What’s your Wall Street story?
(2) “Capitalist values are antithetical to Christian ones.” — I would like this expanded upon, unpacked, elaborated.
(3) a simple reminder of cycles and interdependence … “First of all, if entrepreneurs are job creators, workers are wealth creators. Entrepreneurs use wealth to create jobs for workers. Workers use labor to create wealth for entrepreneurs”

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