MOWM: compelling, clear, strategic

By looking back to What The Negro Wants, published 75 years ago by Rayford Logan, Paul Prescod writes in Jacobin about A. Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) that created the March on Washington Movement (MOWM). As persons writes:

[The MOWM] caught on because the issue was compelling, the demands were clear, and the moment was politically strategic.

Today, the fight for $15 is clear and compelling and I’d argue strategic by doubling the wages of many people earning minimum wage. Yet, plenty of politicians, especially Black politicians and other politicians or color, do not attend picket lines, speak up and out about $15/hour.

Further, Medicare for All is clear, compelling, and strategic. And the Green New Deal becomes more clear and compelling with each wildfire, hurricane, human cesspool of plastic or radioactive compound, poisoning of waterways and unprecedented hurricane-tornado-or-blizzard storm.

Prescod proceeds to illustrate how Black Power, coming out of the Civil Rights Movement, moves away from a working class solidarity with other races to a racial solidarity with middle class and owning class Blacks.

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